Scotchgard Carpet & Upholstery Protector
Spot Removal & Interim Cleaning
Immediate spot removal is key to a clean carpet. Great care also must be taken in how spot cleaning is performed. When a carpet is new, or has sufficient protector on it, plain tap water will remove many spots. However, for those spots that will not move easily with water, you must use a spot cleaner. Select a spot cleaner that is recommended by the carpet manufacturer or your trained certified professional cleaner.
Most spot removers that are purchased over the counter leave too much soap residue and can cause yellowing. Avoid using foam carpet cleaners or any product that is not made specifically for carpet. (We have a great one, just ask the technician.)
Apply spot cleaner sparingly to terry cloth and gently massage spot causing it to transfer into the cloth. Never pour spot cleaner directly on carpet. If the product that you are using seems to cause the spot to reappear over a few weeks, discontinue use. For any spot that you are not able to remove, such as pet urine or feces, call us immediately.
Click here for our extensive Spotting Chart!
Residential carpets are treated with stain resist properties and soil resistors. The carpet manufacturers recommend that you re-apply protector after cleaning. The soil resistor will help the soil slide off the carpet easier when vacuuming, spots will be easier to remove, and professional cleaning will be more effective.
How The Brand Became a Household Name and why we at Magic Carpet choose this brand of fabric protector to offer to you:

Over 55 years ago, 3M made an important discovery that captured America's attention:
Scotchgard™ Protector.  In a time of short-lived fads, consumers were ready for a long-term solution to help keep their fabrics looking good longer. The revolutionary stain repellent was instantly embraced and is now one of the most well known and trusted brands in stain removal and fabric protection.

Whether it is carpet, upholstery or oriental area rugs – scotchgard is there to protect your most cherished positions!
The original Scotchgard™ Protector was unsurpassed in protecting textiles—consumers were impressed with how the unique formula repelled liquids and prevented stains from damaging furniture, carpets and clothing. But as fabrics changed, so did the needs of our customers. 3M scientists proved their commitment to innovation by introducing more environmentally friendly formulas that deliver the same unparalleled results—protection against dirt and stains and the ability to repel liquids.